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Apple has like ~5 million different iPhone models now

OK, let’s get this over with. Apple, true to form, used the second week of September to launch its new line of iPhones (and some other hardware), which brings the line up to approximately 5 million varieties. Alright not that many, but seriously these things are like mogwai.

The new handsets all improve on the existing iPhone X range, with no direct successor for the iPhone 8 announced. This means they all function on facial recognition, and have the full-size screen. And yes, the notch too.

Perhaps the most astonishing variety is the iPhone XS Max, which is scientifically speaking goddamn gigantic (6.5 inch). It differentiates from the XS and XR (man, this is gonna get confusing), primarily in size, battery life and some hardware features. However, they all run off the same chip, the A12 Bionic Chip with next-generation Neural Engine, the name of which guarantees WE ARE LIVING IN THE FUTURE.

Along with iOS 12, the new hardware should mean dramatically fasting processing all around. The new operating system also includes new features such as 32-person Facetime (imagine scheduling that meeting), 4 new animoji (very wow) and Memoji, where instead of sending a picture of your face, you can spend hours perfecting a cartoon version of you to send in its place.

Apple’s really tightening up its AR game – and not just through the Messages camera filters it’s touting for iOS 12. Announced at WWDC in June, ARKit 2 will leverage the new hardware and software for better object detection, rendering and tracking.

The Apple Watch also got a redesign, including a larger screen and customizable face. However, it’s advanced charging mat was nowhere to be seen.


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