Heavy Meddling Continues on Facebook – Do Not Read Until Monday

In the ever-changing agency world, there’s one thing that stays the same: Do Not Read Until Monday.


Heavy meddle: More misinformation campaigns muted on Facebook

This week Facebook announced it had identified another orchestrated misinformation campaign, removing 652 pages, accounts and groups. This time, though, the actors were traced not only to Russia, but to Iran as well, and did not seem focused on the upcoming midterm election.

However, Facebook’s news came the same day Microsoft released its own findings on Russian hackers targeting Republican groups, particularly those critical of Russia.

Facebook also had its hands full with clearing house with data-collecting apps, suspending 400 and banning one of the apps central to the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Controversy continued around some of its more discriminatory ad options, to which the company responded with a promise to remove some 5,000 of such options.

It also got its hand slapped by Apple, which said it would remove the Facebook-owned VPN app Onavo from the App Store for data collection concerns.

Overall, it’s no wonder what happened to Mark.

Just kidding, that’s just someone’s very excellent Reddit find.


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