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Voice-responsive filters: Another great Snap feature for Facebook to steal

It’s a well-worn trope, but still proves true. Snap as of this week has lenses that respond to voice commands. Admittedly, they seem pretty simple at present – with those available at launch recognizing fairly basic English words – but this new ability opens up a whole new door for lenses technology.

Certainly, Instagram already has a crack team working on how they can integrate similar technology as soon as possible. The Verge’s coverage of Snap’s announcement even made sure to note Instagram has now introduced branded filters, a significant revenue source for Snap.

Snap has also previously said it hopes to integrate more gaming features to the platform, and now has the capability for playable mini-games as an ad type. That ability launched just under a year ago for Snap, and this week made it on over to Facebook.

Even Facebook’s possible “Talent Show” feature has pretty much been done previously with Snapchat’s version of The Voice. (Though there’s certainly some pilfering from Musically there too – which, RIP.)

At least Snap’s the exclusive outlet for Ketnipz stickers … for now.


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