Month: August 2018

Uber, Lyft show divergent strategies; Twitter tackles meddling – Do Not Read Until Monday

Don’t labor over this – or anything. Do Not Read Until Tuesday!   Shower thought: Is Lyft v Uber having a Coke v Pepsi moment? Uber made a lot of noise this week with several disparate announcements: It might be building its own electric scooters. It’s going to deliver food via drones. It’s looking for […]

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Heavy Meddling Continues on Facebook – Do Not Read Until Monday

In the ever-changing agency world, there’s one thing that stays the same: Do Not Read Until Monday.   Heavy meddle: More misinformation campaigns muted on Facebook This week Facebook announced it had identified another orchestrated misinformation campaign, removing 652 pages, accounts and groups. This time, though, the actors were traced not only to Russia, but […]

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Hey Hey Ho Ho, Twitter Users Block Ads To Fight Alex Jones – Do Not Read Until Monday

We know you might be struggling a bit, so don’t worry about this just now and Do Not Read Until Monday.   Vote with your .CSV file: Popular movement blocking advertisers shifts Twitter sentiment on InfoWars (probably) My ages-long dream of not having to think about Alex Jones did not become a reality this week, […]

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