Facebook flaunts new features for the 4th + more – Do Not Read Until Monday

Hopefully your ears will not still be ringing by then – Do Not Read Until Monday.


A fine week for feature-building around Facebook

Facebook and Instagram has been relentless lately with feature additions, and even having a national holiday smack in the middle of the week wasn’t enough to deter the debut and testing of some new bells and whistles. These included:

  • A muting option for Facebook & Instagram notifications
  • Official rollout of “All Caught Up” for Instagram, its gentle reminder that hey, maybe you should get off your phone and talk to your friend, mom, or date.
  • The ability to ask questions in Instagram Stories. This seems like a natural next step after polls, which debuted earlier this year.
  • Karaoke?!

The week wasn’t all about giving though, as we saw Facebook taketh away a few of its lesser known apps, including Hello, Moves and tbh, which you are easily excused from never having heard of. The highest profile of the three was probably tbh, an anonymous social network Facebook acquired in October 2017, possibly to get an edge on the then-surging Sarahah app. Hey, they can’t all be Instagrams.

And of course, it wouldn’t be a week without some new privacy catastrophe, so 800,000 users had blocked profiles unblocked from viewing their information.


Is Apple running Spotify out of the U.S.?

No. And I kind of hate those kinds of headlines to be honest.

Spotify rolled out a beta for the ‘lite’ version of its Android app this week, the latest in a string of high profile companies to launch pared-down apps. These scaled-back versions generally indicate a desire by the company or platform to reach users in emerging markets that may lack high-speed Internet.

In the case of Spotify, this may be a particularly savvy move, as Apple Music just surpassed the Swedish streaming app in number of U.S. users. One of Apple’s key advantages is controlling the ecosystem of iPhones and iPads, which are disproportionally popular in Western, affluent countries. Concentrating on countries with less of an Apple presence could allow Spotify to dominate those markets and continue building its user and subscriber base.

Also, the confederation of Spotify users demanding recompense for the Drake hyper-promotion on the platform is both petty and hilarious.


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