RIP Dark Posts & Hello Music Stories: Do Not Read Until Monday June 29, 2018

Hey, we’re back. Say goodbye to dark posts and hello to music stories. Do Not Read Until Monday.


Let there be light: Dark posts are no more with new Facebook, Twitter transparency tools

While there’s been indication this would be coming for some time, this week both Facebook and Twitter launched new ads transparency tools that basically erase the concept of ‘dark’ posts. Whereas once advertisers were able to show ads to specific user groups and demographics, and keep them hidden from others, the ads a page runs will now be accessible to all.

Each platform has its own way of presenting this information, naturally. Twitter, for example, has launched a separate Ads Transparency Center, which acts as a search engine of sorts, allowing users to input a handle and see what ads may have run for the seven days previous to the search.

Facebook builds its capabilities directly out of brand pages themselves, where users who visit the page will now have the option to select “Info and Ads” from the page navigation. Facebook offers a longer history for ads, and lets users view political ads separately. (Though this part of the tool seems to have a few bugs, as when tested on a brand page, it displayed certain ads as political that had no political bent.)

Is it time for marketers to crack each others’ heads open and feast on the goo inside? Eh, not really. Transparency can only lead to more customer confidence in a brand making ethical decisions in regards to content and targeting.

If you’re not though, you might be screwed.


New plateaus, platform improvements for Instagram

Instagram crossed a couple lines this week – no, not like its parent company, Facebook, these are good crossed lines. First, Bloomberg announced it had estimated its market value at $100 billion dollars, making that $1 billion investment by Facebook in 2012 one of its savviest moves. The Bloomberg report also noted it anticipated the app to reach 2 billion users in the next five years, which may be aided by Instagram Lite, aimed at emerging markets, which launched this week.

Stories, meanwhile, reached 400 million daily users on Thursday, more than double that of Snapchat, its closest rival (and originator of the format). In celebration, Instagram gifted users the ability to add music to their Stories. Personally, after messing with this last night, I’m underwhelmed as the library is limited when compared to Spotify, and the clip length allotted definitely doesn’t account for the best bits of “What A Fool Believes”.

The app’s explore tab also received a refresh, offering users the opportunity to discover content by a category toggle at the top of the feed, and group video chat is now live on the app.


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