Instagram Shopping, Snapkit & More in this week’s Do Not Read Until (Burgers)

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Shoppable Stories come to Instagram

Big news for ecommerce, and all but confirming Stories as the format of the future for retailers (if it hadn’t been already), shopping is coming directly to Instagram Stories. Sellers could already tag and sell in permanent posts, and Stories features interstitial ads so it was only a matter of time before these concepts combined.

Brands will need to be approved for the feature, then create and select a product catalog. Following that, they should be able to tag products in Stories, creating a full in-app shopping experience.

Want to know more about how to set this up? Check out instructions for product tagging.


Snap aims to stay competitive by opening up to 3rd-party apps

While Instagram takes Snapchat’s proprietary format and runs with it, the OG Stories app is seeking expansion into other areas. First and foremost is Snapkit, which officially launched this week. The platform allows third-party developers to use Snapchat’s technology – including its camera and Bitmoji – directly in their apps.

It’s also coming at an opportune time given one of its inherent features is allowed user authentication via a user’s Snapchat account. With Facebook’s continued privacy woes, Snap’s billing itself as a privacy-conscious, more secure alternative. And hey, it just might work!

In other Snap news, it may be biting back at Instagram with its own Boomerang-esque feature, Bounce. It’s also doubling down on its trademark ephemerality with allowing users to delete messages in groups. And Spectacles are on Amazon.


Twitter talks new updates for Moments and news

Another comeback company in the midst of transformation, Twitter, also launched a relatively big update this week, hoping to capitalize on its reputation for breaking news. It’s unclear how its personalized news and related notifications might help users break through their bubbles, but hey, at least it will be relevant content, right?

In the update, Moments will also see some changes, including a vertical layout.


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