Snap keeps innovating, and the AI takeover continues – Do Not Read Until Monday

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Snap keeps sneaking ahead with new, interesting features

Ever a tenacious David to Facebook’s social Goliath, Snap just keeps doing interesting things and innovating to bring users – and advertisers – to its platform. This week, it jumped ahead with an all-new type of Lens: one that reacts to sound rather than images or video.

The company also will reportedly soon launch Snapkit, a platform allowing Snapchat users to login to 3rd-party apps with their Snapchat credentials. It would also allegedly allow developers to utilize the Snapchat camera directly in their apps, as well as Bitmoji, Snap’s popular avatar offering.

Along with a tweak to its location sharing and an announcement it would be heavily investing in content start-ups via its new Yellow program, Snap seems to be making all the right friends as Facebook falters.


The AI takeover continues

The past week or so, I noticed a trend of variations on the theme of “AI > humans” articles. So, here’s a short list of things AI is outperforming humans in, or should be soon enough:

OK, that’s it for now.


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