F8 & The Furious, Twitter Passwords & More – Do Not Read Until Monday

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F8 & The Furious: Facebook uses developer conference to address privacy and new tech

While usually used as a way to triumphantly trot out a host of new features for its formidable array of owned properties, this year’s F8 developers conference saw Facebook with a bit more explaining to do.

To his credit, CEO Mark Zuckerberg came out swinging, addressing election meddling, fake news and data privacy in short order. He recapped recent announcements in the area, such as better monitoring and removal of apps, but also a new function to clear a user’s web history from being accessed by Facebook.

Of course, the conversation at F8 didn’t linger too long on privacy alone, as Facebook announced a new dating feature, Oculus now has a computer- and phone-independent headset, and WhatsApp and Instagram …. Now support group video calls?

Just kidding. The biggest piece of news for Instagram (and Facebook too) concerned Stories, namely that the feature will now support third-party apps sharing directly to Stories. (Man, those Spectacles 2.0 better sell like hotcakes.)

Another game-changer for Instagram this week was probably that it will soon integrate in-app payments, though that wasn’t given an official announcement (as of yet). The biggest for WhatsApp was that its co-founder and CEO left over privacy issues, so not a shocker that would be glossed over.

On the more techy side of things, Facebook flexed its AI muscles by announcing a new version of its framework for developers. It’s also training AI with cat and doggo pictures, so at least we will be assured to know who’s the goodest heckin’ boy once and for all before the eventual AI-pocalypse.

And that’s pretty much it, unless you count Facebook potentially putting a satellite in orbit, launching an analytics app, firing one of its employees for being an omega-level stalker, or Zuckerberg being formally summoned by the UK Parliament.



May the HAPPY WORLD PASSWORD DAY, and other Twitter news

Friday, May the Four— Ahem, Friday, the fourth of May, the world awakened to – amongst other things – World Password Day. This year, Twitter got a jump start on festivities by strongly urging some 330 million users to reset their passwords after exposing such data for all the world’s rogue ones to see.

The week also saw Twitter build on a new hope set by its second profitable quarter of all time, inking a deal with Disney to bring live TV-style content to the platform. It also worked out a deal to stream WNBA gamesstarting this month.

Each week’s news cycle has a dark side, though, and it was revealed that a Cambridge Analytica-linked purchased access to “large-scale” Twitter data without resistance. Twitter also struck back at Cambridge Analytica’s phantom menace by barring it from buying ads on the platform.

Star Wars!




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