Do Not Read Until Monday: Spectacles 2.0 and a Profitable Twitter

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Snap laughs in face of profitability, launches Spectacles 2.0

Plus announces new AR and ad features

After a spectacular failure with V1, Snap’s rolling the dice again with a second edition of Spectacles. The augmented reality eyewear released to much fanfare, but ultimately undersold, leaving Snap with warehouses full of hundreds of thousands of the glasses.

The company appears to have learned quite a bit about what people didn’t like about the first edition, maybe even enough to convince people to buy them. The V2 glasses can withstand water, take photos and video, sync faster, and incorporate a number of cosmetic improvements as well. I mean, they still look kinda corny to me, but at least there’s some new colors and lenses.

On the subject of Snap news that won’t likely lead to an avoidable financial disaster, however, the firm also launched Snappables this week, a feature that incorporates facial movements to control mini-games in the app. And if that sounds ridiculous, just scope out the teaser video for the feature. At the very least, it should make for some interesting people-watching while commuting.

Snap also made a couple ponderous plays in regards to its user experience this week as well. On one hand, it may be dialing back its coolly received redesign when it comes to friends’ Stories. On the other, it may be integrating unskippable ads.


Twitter is … making money now?

It feels weird even thinking that, let alone typing it. But it’s true: Twitter posted a second consecutive quarter of profitability for Q1. For those keeping score at home, it also happens to be its second profitable quarter ever. Like, forever ever.

Advertisers will be happy to note that advertising costs per engagement dropped 28 percent year over year. Quarterly revenue actually dropped from the previous quarter, but c’mon it was the holidays, and it still beat Wall Street expectations by about $60 million.

The platform also announced an increase of 6 million monthly active users (beating a 2 million projection), and a 10 percent growth in daily active users year over year – and all this before Kanye’s unhinged ass returned.


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