Do Not Read Until Monday: Facebook Issues Abound

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The Cluster-Zuck Continues: Unfolding controversies foil Facebook

Facebook’s woes continued and compounded this week, as new data collection concerns arose, users sued, and tech firms attacked the platform.

First: Is Facebook tapping your phone? This just might be the case for Android users, one of whom downloaded an archive of the social network’s dirt on him, and it curiously contained phone calls and texts he made. While there was backlash against the company as result of the revelation, Facebook maintained that users had to opt in to such recording. Regardless, Facebook’s being sued for it.

At a national level, the FTC confirmed this week it was conducting an investigation into Facebook. Meanwhile, CEO Mark Zuckerberg balked at questioning by UK Parliament over election meddling in the Brexit vote. However, we imagine it would have looked something like this:

The controversy surrounding Cambridge Analytica also crept into Facebook’s rumored entry into the smart speaker market as well. Thought to be on the docket for May’s f8 conference, those plans have allegedly been scrapped.

The firm’s trying to press forward despite it all, announcing a conference to fight abuse and misinformation on its platform, and to combat fake news, it’s fact checking photos and videos, as well as prioritizing local news in user feeds.

Later in the week – even despite efforts like Mozilla blocking off-platform Facebook data collection – things seemed to be trending upward.

But then came the memo, the one that stated Facebook was ready to accept all the ills its platform could harbor in the name of growth.

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