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Super creepy MSG has been using facial recognition for security and marketing

Especially relevant for those in New York, and/or Phish Phans*, the New York Times reported that Madison Square Garden has been using facial recognition technology to capture images of people to help with security.

The tech works how you’d expect – the image is captured and compared to others to identify potential problems. However, the Times also noted it’s being used for marketing as well.

One facial recognition expert said such systems could “estimate anonymously the age and gender of people coming into the stadium.”

Sounds like we could be entering a whole new world of data vs. privacy issues…

*Could they be called aPhishionados instead? Who do I email about this?


YouTube: We’re using Wikipedia to debunk conspiracy theories

Wikipedia: lolwut

YouTube, subsidiary of a multibillion dollar conglomerate with cornered markets in online advertising, mobile OS, video streaming, email, browsers announced it’s using Wikipedia, a non-profit that hits its users up for cash like every three weeks to stay in existence, for free help in debunking conspiracy theories.

While seemingly a great idea at first, Wikipedia is also a pretty open-field environment where anyone can edit … well, anything. I mean, remember when Colbert tripled the world’s elephant population or whatever it was?

Oh yeah, but, in addition, Wikipedia had no idea it was happening.


Twitter updates in 280 characters or less

Breaking news at top. Verification for all. Spam account crackdown. And it scored (yes) its goal (yes yes) of double cruyffing Facebook on a Major League soccer deal.

(OK, that last one was a bit of a stretch.)


Odds + The End

A Cryptocurrency ad featured on the Guardian
Including this perfect placement.


The Importance of being Human


Do Not Read Until Monday: Facebook Issues Abound