The Importance of being Human


At its core, marketing and advertising have always been about the bundling, the grouping and subsequent targeting of people with similar tastes, interests, behaviors. The litany of buzzwords is ever-expanding – and more importantly exhausting.

Curiously though, one word rarely appears in such lists: Humans.

Advertisers have become very adept at bundling audiences with the specific channels they can be found in, and even more adept at pushing messaging we believe will inspire them. All this in hopes they remain enamored with the brands we represent, brands they have loved historically.

The industry has also come to think channel over consumer, in silos over journeys and behavioral insights, and product over brand story and voice. The push, the drive to get the right message to the right person at the right time, has taken the heart out of the work, and thus, for many brands, the heart out of their message and their creative. This diminishes their story, their purpose and their voice.  

Don’t get me wrong: the importance of analytics, performance data, smart intelligence, great analysis, insights, thoughtful brand planning, well-placed creative is crucial in today’s world, and crucial to our own work being great. But the question is how do you approach it, build your story so not to lose the humans at the center? Media bombards people with messages left and right, so we have to use all tools available to us to help bring to life the stories our brands want and should tell.


Creating Ideas Humans Love

At MRY, we keep humans at the center of our story. We push for a deeper understanding of who that human is through an empathetic deep dive into behavioral science, economics, cultural anthropology and trends, ethnographies, customer and consumer intelligence and data, and smart media strategies. And yes, we still leverage consumer data given to us by our clients, deep dive in to market, sales, brand studies. But we keep our lens [always] human.

We draw our inspiration from the human-set:

  • What are their unmet needs?
  • What is the cultural context they live in?
  • How do they strive and thrive?

We look for the sparks catching fire in culture every day—how they impact the behaviors we see, how we understand the intelligence we’re looking at, and how we interpret/challenge what we find.

We bring in our brand’s purpose—what opportunities do we see for our brands? Where can they tap into the behaviors we see, how can we bring to life our brands so that they may live alongside our humans, rather than force themselves into their lives

We ideate outside of the confines of our specific platforms or channels. If you place the human at the heart of the story, our great ideas can come to life in a combination of formats and types. We emphasize that our ideas are neither dictated by channel, nor by stripping the humanity out of the people we are aim to reach, to connect with, to maintain as we strive to remain relevant.

If at the heart of a brand is the promise you make to your customer, it is in a brand’s best interest to demonstrate how well you understand that customer: a human living in and experiencing today’s world.

Our story and every story we tell carries the promise that we build, create and share ideas humans love.


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