Month: March 2018

Do Not Read Until Monday: Facebook Issues Abound

Have an eggs-ellent weekend and Do Not Read Until Monday!   The Cluster-Zuck Continues: Unfolding controversies foil Facebook Facebook’s woes continued and compounded this week, as new data collection concerns arose, users sued, and tech firms attacked the platform. First: Is Facebook tapping your phone? This just might be the case for Android users, one […]

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MSG ups creep factor, YouTube outsources the truth – DNRUM

Have a few scoops o’ Guinness on the session, all the craic, and Do Not Read Until Monday!   Super creepy MSG has been using facial recognition for security and marketing Especially relevant for those in New York, and/or Phish Phans*, the New York Times reported that Madison Square Garden has been using facial recognition […]

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The Importance of being Human

Audiences. Targets. Personas. Tribes. Segments. Profiles. Proxies. At its core, marketing and advertising have always been about the bundling, the grouping and subsequent targeting of people with similar tastes, interests, behaviors. The litany of buzzwords is ever-expanding – and more importantly exhausting. Curiously though, one word rarely appears in such lists: Humans. Advertisers have become […]

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