#TwitterLockOut, Voice Search and more in Do Not Read Until Monday

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Twitter ruffles feathers following bot purge

Twitter – either the ultimate achievement of having valid opinions voiced from all social strata … or an experiment to do so gone horribly, horribly wrong – made a few moves to purge the bot presence on its platform this week.


The most talked-about action was the so-called #TwitterLockOut, where Twitter required certain suspect accounts to verify a phone number to log in. Totally not something to freak out about right?

Haha, I kid – this is Twitter, of course people freaked out. Far-right personalities quickly decried it as a strike on free speech, before Twitter clarified its intent. Then the commotion mostly died down.

Twitter likely had the crackdown planned previously, but it did come closely after bot propaganda about the Florida school shooting flooded the platform.

In other bot-battling news, Twitter will be barring ‘bulk posting’ – posting the same or similar content across multiple accounts – imminently. That could have effects for brands using multiple accounts – so watch out!

And for customer-service focused brands, it also made a tweak to DM rules to make it a bit friendlier.


Voice search is going to be huuuuuge

You don’t need to be best pals with Siri, Alexa, Cortana or – Assistant? WTF Google, you can’t even give it real a name? – to know voice search is big. Gartner even stated this week that voice search should take up about 30 percent of overall searches by 2020.

Kids looking at a laptop in 2025.

Shortly following, it leaked that Apple wants to get Siri all up in your earholes with an upgraded AirPod – simply say “Hey Siri” and she will answer you with some reply irrelevant to your inquiry. Well, at least they’ll be waterproof. More light-rain than help-I’m-drowning, but still.

Google also updated its, ahem, Assistant, integrating multilingual speech recognition, as well as debuting Routines, which help users execute multiple tasks from just one command.

This shift has big implications for both organic and paid search – where content optimizations will need to modernize and impressions should likely decline, but also opens up the possibility of new ads platforms.


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