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Heads up: Chrome’s native ad blocker launched

Chrome’s long-discussed native ad blocking technology – which blocks all advertising for a site if it violates even one rule – went into effect this week. The feature builds on guidelines from the Coalition for Better Advertising, and offending ad types include autoplay audio content, intrusive interstitials and more.

As noted, this should effect a very small number of sites, but will be worth remembering when media planning.


Marked for life: Another frustrating week for Facebook

Sure, it dominates digital advertising, has like a quarter of the world on its platform and even gets to buy cool toys like Oculus and Instagram without batting an eye. But it’s increasingly tough to be Facebook.

It’s advertising revenues may take a billion-dollar hit due to its questionable content, and it’s still struggling with attracting younger users, according to figures released this week. In what was likely a suggested solve for the latter problem, its Messenger Kids app launched this week. Shortly after, it was revealed Facebook funded the experts who gave the app a like, and avoided addressing dissenting critics.

Its employees are allegedly scared of it, it’s being cracked down on for tracking users, and its even resorted to sending users spam texts to drum up engagement.

Facebook does continue to address most issues lodged against it, though, evidenced this week as it came up with two solutions for boosting publisher content: A paywall subscription integration and a news section on its video platform, Watch.


This Week in Snapchat vs. The World: UX Issues

After a stunning comeback last week, Snapchat continued to make progress in improving its platform. To stop the bleed of its influencers and celebrity champions to Instagram, it released new data insights to influencers.

It’s also sticking to its guns on the redesign that rolled out late last year, despite – well, despite a million-user petition against it.

Who ripped them off? Google, which now features “AMP stories”, strongly reminiscent of Snapchat’s Discover content. However, there’s no bad blood – and there’s argument this could actually help Snapchat.

The Verdict: A million users is a lot, so it’ll have to be a draw this time.


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