Snapchat Strikes Back! And more in Do Not Read Until Monday

Make like Snapchat and comeback for this Monday after a period of questionable decisions and unprofitability. Do Not Read Until Monday!


This Week in Snapchat Vs. The World: THE TRIUMPHANT RETURN

Snap finally made some major news in 2018 – and it’s GOOD news even! That’s right, the perennial punching bag of 2017 made the right moves in the last fiscal quarter, ending the year on a high note. Snapchat added nearly 9 million daily active users during this time, and its revenue was likely boosted due to a transition to automated ad buying for the platform. This, of course, resulted in a huge jump in its stock value, even despite the sag in the general market.

As if that weren’t enough, Snap also debuted what is likely to be another money-maker – lenses on demand. This new feature allows users and brands to create and buy space for custom lenses by location, similar to geofilters, but making use of augmented reality functions. Cha-ching!

It also will be a key partner during the Winter Olympics, as it will be live-streaming content, which leads to some pondering whether this may become a user feature in the future…

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The Verdict: Big and needed win for Snapchat.


Speaking of a Needed Win: Check out Twitter over here…

Now, to a platform that’s been struggling since Evan Spiegel was still in school: Twitter. In ways, Snapchat and Twitter share some key characteristics: They’re both user favorites, and both changed the way we communicate in society. However, they both also have faced uncertainty over their respective revenue potential. Fitting then that they both post positive figures nearly simultaneously.

In Twitter’s case, its success – that it became profitable for the first time in its 12-year existence – came due to cutting costs rather than increasing revenue. Whether the cost-cutting will continue is questionable, as its chief operating officer, Anthony Noto, left the company in late January. Then again, he may have well done while dusting his hands over a job well done.

It’s worth noting as well that its revenue grew only slightly, and it really didn’t add any users either. So, while this is definitely good in the short term, it’s still unclear whether the platform has real growth potential.


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