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It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you say “The Big Game”. Enjoy your weekend sports viewing and come back to a fully legally compliant edition of Do Not Read Until Monday.


Instagram basically just became BFFs with every brand social manager with scheduled posting

Most of us have been there: The multiple alarms set, colleagues texting… the joys of posting on Instagram outside of office hours. However – the cold sweat leaving on a Friday that you may forget to post is now in the past, as Instagram has launched scheduled posting with a number of third-party partners.

The feature will only be available to business accounts, assumedly to preserve (what remains of) Instagram’s real-time nature. And, though in some cases it only works with single assets, it should make far more foolproof than before.

In other Instagram news, it looks like it may be testing video calls, carousels may be coming to Stories, and I’ll never get sick of the joke that it’s pivoting to text.


Thieling the spotlight: #DeleteHQ wasn’t the only Thiel-adjacent news this week

Investor extraordinaire / assailant of journalistic freedom / possible lizard person Peter Thiel rarely soaks up the spotlight, but when he does – man, is it bad. Most recently, he spurred the social web’s boycott-du-jour* #DeleteHQ as PT’s Founders Fund may invest in the quiz app.

However, that’s not the only reason he’d have for Thieling down. Looks like Gawker will be permanently archived. And, though he’s no longer CEO or one of its top investors, PayPal took a double hit this week: First, Zelle – the banks-supported Venmo challenger – posted some positive growth figures. Then, the hammer dropped as eBay announced it’d be phasing in a new primary transaction handler.

But really, the main takeaway here should be that people will defend (or defund) the things they love, even in the face of tremendously moneyed seasteaders.

*at publication time anyway


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