The End of Social Media? – Do Not Read Until Monday

It’s no audible: You’ll have to read this one. Just not until Monday.


It’s The End Of Social Media As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)

While society has endured a love/hate relationship with social media since … well, pretty much since ‘Poking’ was a thing, it’s more recently we’ve put significant analysis into it. And it seems like it may be approaching a tipping point.

Facebook itself admitted this week it can be bad for democracy and has recently announced it would try to get people spending less time on its platform. It’s also coming at the problem the other way by training users in social media literacy and identifying trusted sources by surveying users. (Even if that survey is, erm,two questions.)

Given this, it was interesting to note this week that Apple CEO Tim Cook keeps his nephew off social media, and Jack White’s banning phones on his upcoming tour. While White’s back-to-basics musicianship lends itself to the ban, it’s not a new notion for gigs – it’s a regular demand for Dave Chappelle and other artists.

Now, it’s unlikely social would see a mass exodus based on a few cultural figures decrying it; however, it’s worth a pause to reflect on how to best use the medium. It’s questionable how sustainable social efforts such as Wendy’s really are, as they tend to ape the medium’s worst habits. And it only takes one misstep (or unfunny joke) to go from adored to condemned, as KFC recently learned.

What may have more staying power is creating more meaningful experiences with deeper engagement on rich content…


Don’t Cross the Streams: The Land-Grab for Streaming Rights

…And speaking of rich content, Facebook has been pushing hard in snapping up streaming rights for as many properties it can get its hands on. In just the last week, it signed a deal with ESPN and got exclusive rights for the World Surf League, building on existing deals with the NFL, CBS and more. And it’s also trying to lure more gamers into live-streaming on the platform.

Of course, video on social is one of the latest tastes in the how-to-reach-millennials House of Flavors, so Facebook’s not the only one making moves. Unfortunately for CNN, for every cookie dough, there’s a rum raisin: its hyped acquisition from YouTube personality Casey Neistat, Beme, shut down shut down this week.


Twitter Updates in 280 Characters or less

Twitter COO Anthony Noto, a major player at the company, has left. I guess they’ll have to get their big ideas from somewhere else now – like Snapchat. Its photos should also display better now. It’s inserting news alerts into user feeds. News like the government shutdown? Nice.


Odds + The End

  • Branded content partnerships are about to get a little bit trickier on Facebook. Not like ‘rock a rhyme’ tricky, but still.
  • Folks in Seattle lined up to try out the new Amazon Go store where you don’t have to line up to pay.
  • For when you absolutely, positively, have to be insufferable: Instagram Stories now feature gif stickers.
  • Snapchat’s making it easier to share Stories outside its platform. Like the saying goes: If ya can’t beat ‘em, add a feature that lets ya be shared on ‘em.
  • HQ Trivia is now live in the UK, where it will likely be known as haitch-Q.
  • While this means HQ fever may catch on globally, there’s no telling what you might catch if you buythis.
  • Vine is turning out to be more like a spider-plant, and more details have surfaced of its successor, V2.
  • Apple will now give users control over its 60s-Batman-villain-esque phone slowdown feature.
  • It also wants you to give it your medical records, which could help bring it back up to Nolan-era-Batman-villain status.
  • And it just doomed a child to a lifetime of crippling anxiety with its latest ad.
  • But hey those Animoji are cute, right? And there’s more on the way.
  • Don’t Shoot Me, I’m Only a Computer-Generated Image of the Piano Player: Sir Elton John just announced his retirement via VR.
  • $700K later, that cat’s probably still Grumpy.


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