Facebook, Google Walk Fine Line in Fake News Fight – Do Not Read Until Monday

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YouTube, Facebook grapple with Fake News Fight

The Big Four* and more have been under sustained scrutiny for privacy, objectionable content, etc., for well over a year. As they grapple with these issues, they walk a fine line of alienating users, advertisers, publishers – well, pretty much everyone.

First, Facebook raised eyebrows and the ire of publishers last week, announcing a news-light News Feed. The language used also suggested there may be impacts for brands as well, as if makes an effort to show more content from friends and families rather than pages. However, the New York Times found that, in countries where Facebook made tweaks, fake news actuallybecame more prominent. The company will also face (ha) more criticism as it’s been pressured to delve further into 2016’s other shock vote: Brexit.

YouTube has also suffered due to its status as a platform for misinformation, compounded by scandals over extremist content and bizarro “kids” videos. Oh yeah, and dumb-dumbs eating detergent. Plus, serial jackasses like PewDiePie and Logan Paul. Its latest move ups requirements for monetizing videos, hitting creators – both questionable and non – where it hurts. The moves will make it more difficult to “make it” on the platform, but should help ensure ads don’t run on objectionable content.

Finally, a footnote here: Twitter endured a minor scandal around how it handles DMs thanks to faux-expose outlet Project Veritas. The perennial social punching bag was subject to accusations its employees rampantly read private messages, through a craftily cut video, and subsequently issued clarifications on how it actually operates.

*Amazon, Apple, Facebook & Google; not to be confused with Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth & Anthrax


Moon shot: Does Nintendo’s Labo show the future of “mixed reality”?

A mixture of those same tech companies (plus Snapchat) have also been duking it out to lead a major frontier in technology: Augmented Reality. But while Snap, Apple and Android have realized a world where our devices show us things layered over reality, one company’s going the other way: Nintendo.

It’s latest left-field move has been to launch cardboard accessories designed to offer a delightfully strange, papercut-risking way to immerse oneself in gameplay. (Seriously, have you ever had a cardboard cut? Sweet Jesus.)

Robot backpacks, fishing rods and a piano feature in the first wave of Labo, which seems to build off Nintendo’s own Wii Fit accessories and Google’s Cardboard. The new offering is worth keeping tabs on just out of sheer fascination, but there’s a part of me that wants to believe it could be a step forward, if diagonally, into ‘mixed reality’.


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