Alexa’s Resolutions Game is Strong – Do Not Read Until Monday

New year, new y— nah, pretty much the same deal as before – Do Not Read Until Monday.


Alexa, can you … calm the &^#% down?

Alexa must have like the longest New Year’s Resolution list of all-time. In the less-than-a-week of 2018, she’s already:

That’s like losing 20 pounds, learning a new language and finally finishing War & Peace (yeah right) in five days. Calm down, Alexa, you’re making the rest of us look like crap over here.

If that’s not enough, Amazon itself made news for patenting a magic mirror that lets you try on clothes virtually, while analysts suggested it might just up and acquire Target. No telling whether they’ll live up to that “Expect more. Pay less.” promise though.


Spotify sneakily files for IPO, gets slapped with $1.6 billion lawsuit

After months, if not years, of speculation, Spotify looks like it’s ready to go public, sneakily filing for an IPO in recent weeks. It looks like the IPO could launch in Q1. While details haven’t been confirmed on that by the company, it did take time to announce it reached 70 million subscribers as of January 4. That’s up from around 60 million in July.

Before you start liquidating your assets and diversifying your portfolio, though, know this: The music-streaming company also just fell on the wrong end of a $1.6 billion lawsuit. The suit, filed by Wixen Music Publishing, alleges millions of songs on the service may be lacking the proper licenses. For comparison, Spotify has been valued at around $16-$20 billion in recent months. So… yikes.


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