AR Wars: A New Hope for Snapchat – Do Not Read Until … 2018

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AR Wars: A New Hope For Snapchat?

Augmented Reality has been the talk of tech town for a while, but as Miami-Dade Detective Marcus Burnett might say:

That’s because two major platforms – first Facebook and Snapchat shortly after – opened up their respective AR platforms to all comers. Facebook has a long way to go to get users engaging with its AR filters – or its derivative Stories feature in general. Snapchat, however, stands to benefit from intrepid developers and advertisers trying to create the next Dancing Hot Dog.

While these two rivals sparred, Apple also made a move in this space: Acquiring Shazam. Unbeknownst to – well, maybe everyone – Shazam has some pretty solid visual AR features, in addition to the audio technology that could help Apple with Siri, HomePod, and more. In related news, Apple also sunk $390 million into refining Face ID, and its ARKit also helped Niantic refine its flagship Pokemon Go app.


Instagram Gives Users Gifts That Keep Giving

Facebook’s photo sharing app –slash- Snapchat-killer Instagram gave its users a few presents recently, and ones that could stand to benefit brands as well. First, as was suggested previously, Instagram has now integrated the ability to follow hashtags as you would do an account. Next, ‘recommended’ posts will now show in users’ feeds, meaning more content not selected directly by the user in the feed.

This represents a big opportunity for content creators. Rather than rely solely on having their content reach followers (and maybe curious users in Discover), performance content can now extend beyond to a users’ curated feed, possibly resulting in more engagement and follows.


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