The Week in Year in Reviews Review: Do Not Read Until Monday

It snow joke – bundle up in a blanket instead and Do Not Read Until Monday.


The DNRUM Week in Year in Reviews Review

In case you haven’t noticed, the year is almost over. ‘Tis the season for listening to that one Mountain Goats song and reading year-in-review posts from pretty much everyone. So here’s ours, our week in year in reviews review. Or something.

The Spotify one is always good for some surprises and mild personal embarrassment. Check it out if you haven’t already. Its Year in Music report offers fewer surprises, though I would say Despacito got robbed, and I don’t even like that song.

And, when is 44 > 45? When it comes to Twitter’s top tweets, as Barack Obama’s call for unity eclipsed anything posted by “the Twitter President”, Donald Trump. And no, that’s not an eclipse joke. Sadly, the message was in response to Charlottesville, and many other top tweets came in response to devastating events like hurricanes and mass shootings. But, the world’s not all bad – at least that kid got some chicken nuggets.

Twitter also released data around the most talked-about TV shows and movies, which could be helpful to some marketers. Nuuuuuuudge.

Using criteria other than just views, YouTube deemed a guy in an elaborate oyster costume singing on a Thai TV talent show its top viral video. Despacito, robbed again.

Facebook noted International Women’s Day, Super Bowl 51 and the Las Vegas mass shooting generated the most conversation over the year, but also highlighted positive community responses to Hurricane Harvey and other disasters.

It should also be noted that Time’s Person of the Year recognized a social movement fueled or at least aided by social media: Those breaking silence over abusive behavior, often sexual in nature and committed by men in power toward women, sometimes using the hashtag #MeToo.


Facebook is up to something with Instagram / Messenger

Facebook spent this week pulling some puppet strings for its subsidiary properties, most notably Instagram and Messenger and …I don’t know what it is, but they’re up to something.

First, Messenger Kidz rolled out. It will be a standalone app and Facebook’s flogging it as a safe place for children – yes, they’ve officially come for your kids – to message each other on devices like iPads and iPod Touches. OK, creepy and weird, and an obvious grab for the next generation of digital consumers, but whatever: Standard Facebook.

However, hot on the heels of this announcement came a new feature linking Instagram to Messenger, bringing your contacts from the former to the latter. Right, well we’ve considered the possibility of Facebook linking its various Stories clones so nbd.

Then it emerged that Instagram Direct has been spun out as its own app in certain markets as a test. The motivation for this – maybe to develop a way to better monetize this stream? It’s clearly another strike at Snapchat, but could these items be related in some way, e.g. a Facebook long-game looking to unite its disparate messaging services?

Charlie's Facebook / Instagram / MessengerConspiracy

In related news, Stories can now be saved to user profiles on Instagram, which could be big for brands, and Messenger Games will now support live streaming and video chats, which should be big for … someone.


This Week in Snapchat vs The World: A Slow Week?

The biggest news for Snap this week all seems to balance out: No one seems to know if its Shows are performing well, but its stock fortunes have improved. It’s also still a cultural favorite, seeing has how it managed to get artists creating ARt for Art Basel Miami, and making $1M a day for branded lenses.


Odds + The End:


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