In this house we … Thank Teens For Dank Memes

Each week, Social Strategist Roze Pirvany finds the dankest of all current memes, investigates its origins and relevance to online culture, and shares her findings to the agency in a feature called Thank Teens For Dank Memes.

Now, we’re sharing them with you…


In this edition of TTFDM, we find that social media users are throwing it back – wayyyyy back – to ASCII art through the “In this house…” meme.

The statement construction itself is pretty self-explanatory, being based upon a parent trope of explaining how things are done in a particular household. (e.g. “In this house, we don’t look at memes at the dinner table.” …Well, not this house, obvs.)

The image construction – which is actually also text, but let’s just table that – draws on creating a house out of existing keyboard characters, a style of digital image creation popularized in the primordial internet of the 80s-90s.

Perfect then that one of the stand-out examples of the meme references Winona Ryder as result of her performance in Stranger Things, a show that pays massive tribute to its time period.


The meme predates this tweet by some time, though. An early version of the meme appeared on a seldom-used Tumblr as a tribute to a character from the TV and comics series Voltron.

Its path to mainstream (well, -ish) use is a little less clear. A Tumblr account sharing submissions has posts dating back to March of 2017. It also references a Twitter account, though that’s a personal account (at the time of publications anyway; guy’s sitting on a meme goldmine).

Of late, brands have gotten in on the meme, giving it the mark of saturation.


Another indication of maturity: The inevitable deconstruction and reconstruction of the original format:


While the intent and origins of the meme remain fairly hazy, with Twitter’s recent increase of character count from 140 to 280, one can only wonder if “this house” will only get bigger.


Playing with text might make In This House unique, but if it’s wordplay you’re after, check out entry on the Elf on a Shelf rhyming meme.


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