Facebook Ru(i)ns Everything. And… QR Codes? – Do Not Read Until Monday

Do Not Read Until Monday – hey, Stranger Things have happened.


Facebook won’t rest till it ru(i)ns everything

This week, Wired ran a great piece about how Facebook’s behavior in business will basically prevent there ever being another Facebook. While it’s not necessarily true, it ran in a week where Facebook beefed up its Workplace offering by releasing a desktop messaging app, seen as a Slack killer. It also continued on its quest to eat Craig’s lunch by bringing auto dealer ads in Marketplace, its platform for buying and selling goods. (It’s quite possible these ads could be monetized in time as well, similar to Google Shopping.)

In less obviously nefarious news, it enhanced tools for Groups, including building out historical engagement data. Brands should consider getting a footing there before News Feed splits into people and pages, essentially creating a new barrier to reach fans.

Instagram also gained some new bells and whistles. Accounts can now team up to go live as a duo (think Brand + Influencer) and Superzoom reminds us all that Dramatic Chipmunk still exists.

It was a simpler time.

This Week in Snapchat vs. The World: A Spectacle-r Fail

A brief check-in on Snapchat this week: You can now share links to Snapchat from other iOS apps (good) and the platform’s Multi-Snap technology, which allows for longer content, has finally made it to Android (also good).

These small improvements could get more people interested in using the app, but Snap’s suffering a lack of interest in something else as well: Spectacles. Rumor has it the company bet big on its once-hot wearable, and now has “hundreds of thousands” just sitting in warehouses. As comparison, CEO Evan Spiegel estimated total Spectacles sales of “over 150,000”.

Who ripped them off? Buzzfeed, which has been testing a Stories-esque feature in its mobile app.

The Verdict: All good things must come to an end – this week’s a draw.


Bear With Me Here: I’d Like to Talk About QR Codes

QR Codes are lame af, right? Sure, but, after researching for a client, it seems like they’re poised for a comeback – or at least a little consideration.

The original technology is still workable, and iOS now recognizes them through its native camera. This was a massive barrier for use during their heyday. Apple could also be ramping up functionality for Snap, Messenger and other codes. (like, did you know Shazam codes are a thing? Not even kidding.)

The idea that people will come to value scanning codes IRL to take actions online is also very real in China, where the social app WeChat facilitates many interactions through QR scanning, showing some indication of where the technology could head. QR and other similar codes lay a basic groundwork for full image recognition as well, where we’re likely headed.

Not sure QR Codes are something to fully recommend, it’s just they’re not so easily laughed off.


Odds + The End


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