Rick and Morty Fans – Thank Teens For Dank Memes

Rick and Morty is a good show. It has smart jokes that appeal to the intellect. It has dumb jokes that appeal to our basest senses.

In its third season, the show has grown ever more successful and – perhaps relatedly – developed ‘problematic’ subsets within its fan base.

The more serious trespasses (that certain fans engaged in harassment and doxxing of female Rick and Morty writers online) were addressed directly by co-creator Dan Harmon himself, this edition of Thank Teens for Dank Memes focuses on the ‘intellectual’ contingent – and its portrayal in memes.

The sentiment likely began over the summer with a copypasta explaining that “you have to have a very high IQ to understand Rick and Morty” and about 200 more cringe-worthy words.

However, the memes seemed to arrive on the scene slightly later, with a early popular post appearing on dabmoms’ Instagram account.

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Another popular post with similar sentiment appeared shortly later in the Dank Memes subreddit.

😎😎😎 from dankmemes

The trend seemed to subside (possibly due to the conclusion of Rick and Morty Season 3), but got reinvigorated by an unlikely candidate: McDonalds.

For better or worse, McDonalds decided to play off Rick’s reported raison d’etre – it’s limited-edition Szechuan dipping sauce produced in the 90s – by reintroducing it, again for a limited time.

It was a massive disaster.

McDonalds came out looking pretty bad, even taking a ribbing from social media wunderkind Wendy’s

However, it may be that Rick and Morty fans came across even worse, with footage emerging of tantrums and fights as they learned of the shortage.

And so the memes returned.

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As usual, it’s hard to say how self-aware some of the activity is. For example, the Rick and Morty fans mass posting the copypasta likely had many self-deprecating motivations. However, this being viewed by others as annoying likely fed into the self-described intelligent fan bashing.

Want more Rick and Morty meme analysis? Check our blog on ‘A 20 Minute Adventure‘ from season 3.


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