Snapchat’s ARt & Instagram ecommerce: Do Not Read Until Monday

And if you have Monday off, Do Not Read Until Tuesday!

This Week in Snapchat vs. the World: Guest-Starring Jeff Koons as Chief Creative Officer

Headlines early this week spelled out uncertainties around Snap – particularly as eMarketer decreased its ad revenue forecast for 2017. But while that’s somewhat disconcerting, the projections show Snap growing steadily for the next couple years. So, like, no biggie. CEO Evan Spiegel even had a good lul at underestimating communication as a publicly traded company.

Snap also quickly followed up with a mystery countdown on a brand new subdomain – – one that eventually revealed a global ARt™ collaboration with Jeff Koons, he of balloon art fame.

Art. (Photo by
achimh on Flickr, via Wikipedia.)

Through the collaboration, Koons’ “digital installations” appear through the Snapchat app in nine cities, including New York (Central Park, if you’re interested), Chicago, Washington DC and Venice Beach, CA. The art collab dropped as big firms like Facebook have also been toying around with ARt™, just not at such a high profile.

It also leaked Snapchat has a patent for facial recognition capabilities for Bitmoji. At first glance, it’s likely Snap would use it to auto-populate a new Bitmoji, but could the long game be a function similar to Apple’s (admittedly kinda creepy) Animoji?

And is Snapchat coming to desktops?

Who ripped them off? First, it seemed like the big aping would come courtesy of LinkedIn’s new geofilters, then it emerged that Google’s trying to knock off Discover. Tough week!

The Verdict: Pretty solid W – at 5 weeks, definitely hitting a stride.


Instagram: Facebook’s ecommerce dream may soon be reality. And oh hey – polls!

Despite Snapchat having (another) fine week, its Facebook-sanctioned replicant assassin Instagram also made some platform improvements. The most important thing to watch will be shoppable posts, which seem to have a staggered rollout via third-party ecommerce partners. First, integration with Bigcommerce was announced, with Shopify following shortly after. Given its popularity with fashion, food, influencers… given its popularity in pretty much all areas, shoppable Instagram could have a big future.

Also, it seems the kids were getting their kicks conducting anonymous polls over on Snapchat, so now there’s polling on Instagram. Except Instagram’s for grown-ups so it’s not anonymous. This could be an interesting tool for brands to utilize to quickly gather data.

And hey – it’s a dream come true: You can now post your Instagram Stories to Facebook Stories. Hoo-rah.


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