Do Not Read Until Monday: Pinterest Rising & Assistants Head for Wearables

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Put a Pin in This: Is Pinterest the Best Social Network for Advertisers?

Pinterest, a stealth power player in social, recently reached 200 million users. It’s also been cited as a vital platform for influencers.

So what? Well, this week it launched a self-service ad platform for brands. Advertisers submit briefs, then get pitches from platform influencers, and Pinterest creatives manage the process. While it’s a more complicated process than, say, boosting a Facebook post, it will likely result in high-quality, platform-appropriate and resonant creative. That and it’s free and there’s no minimum spend.

It followed up on this by debuting Taste Graph, its new collection of 5,000 user interests, including niche topics such as “French street style, closet organization or vegetarian barbecue”.


Assistants Assemble! Alexa & Co Make Advances on Wearables

The competition between Alexa/Siri/Google Assistant/Cortana/M shows no signs of slowing. From the look of it, the next hot area for integration could be wearables. This week, reports suggested Amazon could be working on glasses as an Alexa extension, and Google’s working to include a button for its Assistant on third-party headphones.

Back in the present, there’s still the smart speaker market to consider, and Google may have a brand new economy entry to rival the Echo Dot.

Dawww! (Droid Life via Tech Crunch)

Smart TV league-leader Roku may also have an entry soon, plus a 4K streaming stick that could undercut Google, Apple and Amazon.


This Week in Snapchat vs. The World: New Ads Partners, New Experiences

Let’s start with the good stuff: First, a new study showed Snapchat outdrawing Instagram for new sign-ups in the United States. Its advantage has waned, and the picture’s not so pretty internationally, but still.

What’s bigger is its announcement of 14 new ads partners, each of which should enhance Snap Ads in interesting ways: 360 videos, instant apps and games, gyroscope-powered experiences. Sounds pretty rad.

The users thing is a sticking point, but fostering power users and influencers is another. And this week, eMarketer shared a poll of female influencers showing none of them considered Snapchat the most important network, with Instagram taking the top spot.


The Verdict: It’s pretty close, but let’s go W – primarily for the potential “gyroscope-powered experiences”.


Facebook Tightens its Ecosystem – and oh yeah all that stuff about targeting

While Facebook seems to be working to unify its Stories features, it’s also adjusting its ecosystem in other ways. For example, both Instagram and WhatsApp may be much easier to navigate to very soon, via links within the main Facebook app. This could keep users in Facebook’s ecosystem longer, without the risk of them being diverted to places it could see ads from Google or other compet—oh wait, they’re pretty much the only two major players in the digital ad game at this point.

About those ads – Facebook realized it created a monster with targeting after last week’s revelations, and said it would take measures against bigoted ads. It’s also potentially creating another monster by offering new targeting based on its location-tracking data. And that’s not even the most stalker-enabling thing it did this week.


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