Thank Teens For Dank Memes: Pennywise Rebooted

Each week, Social Strategist Roze Pirvany finds the dankest of all current memes, investigates its origins and relevance to online culture, and shares her findings to the agency in a feature called Thank Teens For Dank Memes.

Now, we’re sharing them with you…

This week’s Dank Meme is actually a reboot – a first for this column, but not for memes. In particular, the release of the IT reboot has seen a renewed interest in memes featuring Pennywise the Clown, as portrayed by Bill Skarsgård.

This version of the meme kicked off with a Twitter user, who had previously posted Game of Thrones-related content, posting Skarsgård’s Pennywise peering out of a sewer captioned with “What would Pennywise have to say to get you to go down there?”

This tweet cleverly tapped into a previously established meme showing Tim Curtis’s Pennywise from the 90s TV adaptation, which caught fire in Spring 2017.

I’d die for a single episode 😂

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Social media users were happy to contribute to the remixed meme’s ascendance though. One user lamented the disappearance of Twitter’s axed video app:

Others used it as a platform for social commentary.

Even writer-director Joss Whedon got involved.

Beyond the meme: A sexualized Pennywise?

The refreshed meme isn’t the only way social media’s discussing IT and Pennywise in particular. As part of the meme, though definitely extended beyond, users made note of star Bill Skarsgård’s attractiveness, leading to many discussions over sexualizing a killer clown.

Further, users also decided to pair off Pennywise with Babadook, who earlier this year was identified as an LGBT icon.

Given mostly positive reviews and box office returns, we could be featuring more Pennywise in the future for TTFDM.

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