Thank Teens For Dank Memes: Summer Vs. Fall

Each week, Social Strategist Roze Pirvany finds the dankest of all current memes, investigates its origins and relevance to online culture, and shares her findings to the agency in a feature called Thank Teens For Dank Memes.

Now, we’re sharing them with you…

This week’s meme, “Me in Summer vs. Me in Fall” plays on the seasonal shifts happening in many parts of the world. On its face, it’s a very simple meme juxtaposing a user in summer (typically rendered as August 31) and in fall (for which meme-makers have chosen September 1 as a start date).

However, it also uses a couple devices to make fun of this shift. First, as we see in many examples, the shift is shown as a dramatic turn to all things Halloween.

Of course, this led to escalations in terms of visuals as well, particularly for Halloween or spooky imagery.

As seen above, some makers used different – more precise – methods of measuring time to make their point. Others went even further to demonstrate the quickness in how attitudes and behaviors shift around the seasons:

While the meme is not fresh for 2017, it’s worth noting for its staying power – it has been repeated several years running. This is likely due to its capturing an essential truth for human behavior – and in particular, social media-based behavior.

It also lives in a space near to memes featuring the “Me/Also Me” framework.


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Our featured meme from August 28, 2017, has shown a stronger staying power than originally anticipated, and got a boost from a reporter at the Independent Journal Review:

The tweet grabbed the attention of CNN’s Jake Tapper, and U.S. Senator for Nebraska Ben Sasse, who retweeted. Read our original entry on DMWWHGALAAASG.


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