Do Not Read Until Monday: Snapchat Vs. The World

Short weeks and sunny days. Hope you can wrap it on up and enjoy the weekend. Definitely Do Not Read Until Monday:

This Week In Snapchat Vs. The World: Disaster Response

What was once deemed a creepy – if kind of cool – feature has made headlines a second time for Snapchat. In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, commentators took note of the usefulness of Snap Maps, the feature that tracks you, your friends and your every waking move notable Snaps submitted to ‘Our Story’. In just under 90 hours, Snap stated it received 250,000 to 300,000 submissions as Harvey made landfall.

It also provides a “heat map” gauging the concentration of stories and their precise locations – which even outed a notable crowd fetishist. More importantly, it gave some indication as to where conditions were the worst.

In much less life-or-death news, Snap also made it easier for Europeans to buy geofilters in a much-needed international push. …But yeah, sort of pales in comparison, doesn’t it?

The Verdict: For coming through for the disaster stricken, Snap gets a solid W for the week.

Who Would Have Thought Old School Mega Retail Would Make It Into One of These?

That’s right folks, it’s time to talk about Wal-Mart. Srsly.

Wal-Mart sales grew 60% in the second quarter, but that isn’t what’s really interesting about the mega retailer’s recent moves. What bubbles them all the way up to this weeks’ DNRUM are the fundamental business changes and cultural shifts they are making in order to create these massive strides. Seemingly taking on the approach of tech companies, Wal-Mart has dramatically shifted both the way they operate as well as how they talk about themselves publicly over the past year. These days, it seems that a company’s vision is valued as much as what they company actually does for people. I mean, how many real-life humans have actually received their Amazon Prime order via drone? But hey, they exist! Cool! Right, you guys? Yay for Amazon!

Anyhow. Wal-Mart has made… well, let’s see… onetwothreefourfive major acquisitions, onetwothreefour massive investments to shift how people interact with the company, and even one or two re-orgs. Heck, they’re even publicly killing products for adding more friction than necessary. All these changes shift the way the company does business with people and how people do business with the company, and that’s what it takes today to be on top. Get people talking about your company while giving them new ways to buy from your company.

Just Because You Can, Doesn’t Mean You Should: Two New Features Facebook’s Forcing Upon Users

Facebook put two new features into testing this week and both of them, well… OK, let’s put it this way: If sharing Instagram Stories to Facebook is the “good” one, you’re in some trouble.

But, it’s true: One user caught this detail while uploading a Story himself:

Combined with previous announcements around tests for Instagram Stories coming to mobile web browsers, it’s likely not the last ‘improvement’ we’ll see regarding Facebook’s multiple “Stories” features.

Which leaves – the “bad” feature. So, OK, we’ve begrudgingly accepted technicolor or clip-art backdrops for status updates in News Feed. Now make way for colorful comments!

For some reason!

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