Thank Teens For Dank Memes: A 20-Minute Adventure

Each week, Social Strategist Roze Pirvany finds the dankest of all current memes, investigates its origins and relevance to online culture, and shares her findings to the agency in a feature called Thank Teens For Dank Memes.

Now, we’re sharing them with you…

Do we need a spoiler alert? This week’s feature will be familiar to those who have seen Rick and Morty Season 3, Episode 6. (And more familiar to those who have discussed the episode on Reddit.)

In the episode, Rick presents a typically convoluted plan for adventure. When Morty, true-to-character, protests, Rick re-positions his proposition: “Let’s Go. In and out. Twenty minute adventure.”

This is betrayed by the title card immediately following the scene, which segues to a new scene where we rejoin our heroes(?) six days later in the middle of an epic space battle.

As the center of the Venn Diagram for “Rick and Morty viewers”, “Redditors” and “Meme makers” would have considerable overlap, fans almost immediately took to creating memes riffing on the scene and publishing them to the Rick and Morty and Dank Memes subreddits.

🅱ETA from dankmemes

Interpreting the 20-Minute Adventure meme

The memes highlight the simple truth of the scene: Expecting a quick and easy outcome then having the rug pulled out from underneath you. Makers quickly gravitated toward historical geopolitical and military missteps, including the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq under the George W. Bush administration, and Hitler’s failed conquest of the Soviet Union.

Jeb 2020 from dankmemes

Mandatory Hitler meme from dankmemes

RIP 20-Minute Adventure meme

Unavoidably, the meme imploded on itself, with makers quickly creating more ‘meta’ takes on the meme, indicating a comparatively short half-life.

20 minute adventure - Rick and Morty
Just don’t try to follow the logic trail on this one…

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