Do Not Read Until Monday: August 28

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This Week In Snapchat Vs. The World: The Numbers Speak For Themselves

This week, Snap received some good omens for its future thanks to two research and data companies. First, eMarketer reported that Snapchat’s outpacing Facebook and Instagram (individually) in use amongst 18 to 24 year olds. Perhaps more interestingly, Snapchat’s almost 4x as popular as Instagram, stories and all, with younger teens – those whose habits may carry through to later in life.

eMarketer social data
Still whiffing in the 0-11 market though. Sigh.


Then on Thursday, comScore released information on Top Apps by Unique Visitors and, while Facebook reigned supreme overall, Snapchat clobbered Instagram in the 18-24 demographic, ranking at #3. (Interesting to note this was the only demographic Facebook didn’t rank #1 – that honor went to YouTube.)

The hard data bodes well for its future, but Snapchat also has some qualitative updates as well. It’s debuting a show on college football with Barstool Sports. CNN’s coming aboard. And it’s about to make a big push in scripted content.

The Verdict: A solid – and needed – W for Snap this week.


Twitter Triumphs: Hashtag Anniversary and Video Innovation

Speaking of underdogs, Twitter also saw a lot of love this week, firstly as it celebrated the 10th anniversary of the hashtag (which it did not invent, mind). Let’s face it: hashtags changed how humans communicate, and the tool became commonplace through Twitter. Respect.

Twitter’s also leading another communications/media revolution, though it tends to be a bit understated compared to big brother (pun’s there if you want it) Facebook: Live video. The big news this week? Stadium, where you can watch streaming sports programming 24/7 and tweet at the same time. (h/t Abbey)

Also, speaking of innovation, this happened.

Grosh Out Contest: Google & Walmart Team Up to Take on Amazon

It’s a great time to be lazy, as major retailers compete in a race to the bottom of effort needed for consumers to buy goods. In the latest news, Google – whose Home products rival Amazon’s Echoteamed up with Walmart to offer users a more robust voice shopping experience. Walmart, of course, has a massive footprint, and carries nearly every conceivable purchasable thing, including groceries.

While things could have ended on a high note for the Google/Walmart alliance, Amazon followed up shortly later that it would be hacking prices once Whole Foods comes into its fold. Though WF doesn’t have the footprint Walmart does, Amazon could make significant inroads by fusing the grocery chain with its existing operations.

In other Amazon news, it’s going to have bots design our clothes and have YouTube stars convince us to buy them. Because, well, why not?

In other Walmart news, it’s looking to fulfill deliveries via blimps full of drones.


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