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Summer ’17 is in full swing and heating up. So please GTFO of here and enjoy your summer Friday. This little guy will be waiting in your inbox when you’re back on Monday.

This Week in Snap vs. The World

Speaking of Snap, you know how each week something inevitably seems to be afoot with them? Well, next week brings to a close their stock lock-up period AKA the time when all their employees anxiously awaiting their chance to cash in on their stock options dump their shares and drive down the share price. So, time to buy, pass, or wait? I have no f*cking clue, mainly because they . . .

Are partnering with more media giants on original content, oh and . . .

Selling their only physical product on everyone’s favorite one-stop online marketplace, oh and . . .

Consistently adding fresh features, oh and . . .

Everyone and their mothers and now your favorite gamer continues to copy their every move.

Verdict? Don’t ask me!

Google Goes Retro, Tries Again at Wearables, Newsfeeds

Google Glass is going to be a thing, you guys!

No, seriously. Google Glass is back with the version of their pocket protector for your eyes eyewear tech they should have introduced the first time around. Again, I am serious, a workplace-centric version is here and it makes WAY more sense than the OG.

Search = News Feed, just don’t call it a social network (or Google+ 2.0, for that matter). Can’t help but wonder if delving further into the echo chamber is the right move . . .


Samsung expands their Siri competitor, Bixby, to the US market while Amazon expands where and how Alexa can be used on mobile. One must wonder if we have finally arrived at a full-on war for the connected home (and, well, everything else).

All three of these giants has or is damn close to wrapping up their own fully-integrated ecosystem that encompasses everything in your home and beyond, from the ways you interact with technology to where, what, and how you make a purchase. Choose wisely, because once you’re in, you’re in deep for more products than you need or can afford. Oh, and giving away all your data to a global enterprise. There’s that too, I guess.

Misc. Items from the Week

Facebook is about to launch Stories for Pages and Brands, but no one uses those anyway . . .

LinkedIn is now going to be on (a few) desktops. All networking and no working? Intrusive advertising opportunities? Both? Just, why?

Facebook ramps up fight against fake news, which is cool. But don’t worry marketers! It won’t all be determined by the machines. Publishers will be able to work around this via a verification system, which probably means this will roll out to brands in the near future as well.

That Note on Culture

Fox brings binge-watching to the theater. Take that, Netflix. Or don’t. Whatever.

The crown moves on for the most-streamed song of all time, which happened on YouTube recently too.

Again, whatever.





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