Do Not Read Until Monday – July 17

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A Quick Note About Facebook Links

Starting July 17 – but seemingly already live for some functions and/or accounts, alteration of link metadata on Facebook will be prohibited for organic posts. The change comes courtesy of the company’s war on ‘fake news’, but significantly impacts the work of community managers and social marketers. It will make it ever-more important for web developers to designate the most engaging images and text in the page’s source code.


eSports: The Overwatch League is a Real Thing

There’s now a professional league for competitive Overwatch playing, with teams based in at least seven major U.S. cities, and getting investment from Patriots owner Robert Kraft, Miami Heat, and the COO for the Mets. I’ll let that process a minute.

First, of course: WTF?

Second: Yes, they will have team uniforms.

Of course, gaming tournaments are nothing new.

“Back in my day!” *shakes fist*

A regular competitive league is a different matter, but has also been attempted previously. However, the investment of old-guard players, who are likely eyeing Overwatch’s 30 million+ players and international appeal, indicate the league could be a lasting institution. What’s more, the announcement comes in the midst of a battle between Twitch, Facebook and YouTube for streaming rights for various games and competitions.


This Week In Snapchat: How Low Can You Go?

Snap’s former underwriter / current frenemy Morgan Stanley started off the week by torpedoing its stock with an investment rating downgrade. Assessing that the Santa Monica-based startup isn’t innovating fast enough, Morgan Stanley set the stock’s target price at $16 – down from $28. The financial giant also stated Snap Ads aren’t up to snuff, with advertisers not seeing the results – or measurement abilities – they’d hoped for. Then Cowen downgraded the stock too. L

However, marketers often stay on platforms despite their flaws – as long as the audience and content is there. That spells more bad news for Snap, as it looks like a publisher exodus to Instagram Stories may be in the works.

It wasn’t all bad news for Snapchat though, as one of its short-form shows nabbed an Emmy nomination, and it announced a partnership with Formula 1 racing, which could aid awareness in international markets.

Who ripped them off: Facebook’s gif-making camera feature kinda does.

The Verdict: The market beating handed Snapchat an L so bad, it will take all the dancing hot dogs in the world to ever feel OK again.

“Dance till it doesn’t hurt anymore.”

AI-AI-AI: Prime Day Pushes Smart Home Tech to a Turning Point

Providing you a quick compendium of the top news in AR, VR, AI, ETC … at least until we create a bot to do it.

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