5 Things We Learned from The Month of Living Socially

Well, we made it. We survived 30 straight days of hashtag domination. We challenged ourselves to celebrate every social “holiday” in the month of June, and not only did we do it, we had a ton of fun–and learned some really interesting things–along the way.

So, after a month of doing as the Internet commanded, what did we learn? We had a hunch that 30 days of nonstop social media-driven living might be a tad too much–were we right? Read on to see what we learned from our grand social (media) experiment.




  1. The Best-Laid Plan Is Not Always The Right Plan

We started #TMOLS with a social media calendar, with each day’s content pre-planned. But as we worked our way through the month, we found that some of our initial ideas weren’t as funny or as executable as we initially thought. So, we improvised. We didn’t hesitate to dump a less awesome, but planned-for, idea in favor of a better one created at the last minute. The takeaway: be flexible. Shape your content around your best idea, not your first idea.

  1. Get Inspired By Your Brand

The MRY brand is built from the unique personalities and talents of every single person here–and we took full advantage of that. From documenting our subway-hating designer’s first ride on the 1 train, to featuring our barista’s talent for making craft cocktails, we tapped into the quirks and idiosyncrasies of everyone at the agency to inspire our content. So, whatever the personality of your brand, let it shine through in everything you make, and it will always feel authentically yours.

  1. Keep It Simple

It wasn’t a surprise, but it was a great reminder all the same: content doesn’t have to be expensive, slickly produced, or overly complex to be compelling. One of our most successful #TMOLS posts was a “selfie-ception”: someone taking a selfie while everyone in the background was also taking a selfie. Simple ideas work best when they’re hyper-relevant; when it’s #NationalSelfieDay, take a selfie!

  1. Respect The Platform

Different content plays better on some platforms than others. So, just as we recommend channel strategies to our clients to maximize creative impact, we tailored our posts to the platforms that were the best fit. Photo galleries were ideal for our Instagram feed. Stories that required a little more time to tell were a great fit for Snapchat or Instagram Stories. And when clever words and a simple image or video would do, we looked to Twitter.

  1. Do Less, Better

We intentionally designed our #TMOLS experiment to be nothing but back-to-back content with no breaks, but we hypothesized that there is such a thing as too much content. Our hunch was spot-on: too much content waters down your channels and leads to posting burnout. Does any brand need to celebrate every hashtag holiday? Please, just don’t. Should brands celebrate occasional hashtag holidays when those days are relevant to their brand and will yield engaging content? Definitely, yes!


In conclusion, we think hashtag holidays aren’t all that different from regular holidays:

  • They (should) come around only a few times a year
  • They’re special, and should be treated as such
  • They deserve custom, culturally relevant content


So, whether you’re a brand or an agency, maximize your social impact by doing less content, but making it engaging and tailoring it to the right platform. According to our findings, your followers will show the love.


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