The Month of Living Socially: An Introduction



So many days to observe. So many tags to hash. So many things to … celebrate?

National Day Days are part of almost every brand’s content calendar–they’re plentiful, varied, and some even elicit real engagement (for 24 hours, at least). There’s a day (or multiple days) for just about everything. And who among us doesn’t agree that #NationalOnionRingDay is a fantastic excuse to gorge on fried food?

Here at MRY, we approach every brand problem through a social lens. We eat, sleep, and breathe the Internet, and we hashtag early and often. So we wondered, what would it be like if we went all in on these National Day Days? What if every single one of us decided to live a life 100% decided by the whims of social media?

This led us to The Month of Living Socially: a 30-day celebration of sorts, where all of us at MRY will come together to let hashtags rule our daily lives to see what we learn in the process.

We have a hypothesis: National Day Days can be fun, and they can even be useful–but, like onion rings, they should be consumed sparingly. And they’re most effective when they’re actually relevant to a brand. Should a fast food restaurant celebrate #NationalOnionRingDay? Absolutely. Should a search engine? Probably not.

So we’re going to test our hypothesis throughout June, by observing one National Day Day per day, and finding which days are most relevant to our brand in the process. We’re all looking forward to National Rosé Day. National Go Barefoot Day? Jury’s still out.

We want every single one of the brands we represent to be as socially relevant as possible, so we’ll report back on June 30 with our findings. Fittingly, the last day of June is #NationalSocialMediaDay–the perfect day on which to reflect on our learnings and apply them to everything we do.

Follow us on Instagram and Twitter (@mry) to see us live socially for the next four weeks, and check back here in a month to see what we found out. Till then, we hope all your days are hashtag blessed.


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