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At MRY, we want our employees and clients to enjoy their weekends off, rather than fretting over work. Turn off and enjoy yourself. Once Monday comes around, you can catch up with this week’s important happenings with our handy news recap.


Snap’s first earnings call rattles investors

Snap Inc.’s fortunes sank following its first earnings call, indicating the market’s disappointment with its performance. The company, which of course is basically Snapchat, lost $2.2 billion in its first quarter of being publicly-traded and grew its pool of daily users only 5% to 166 million. Market reaction shaved nearly 25% off the value of the stock.
While this spells trouble for the fledgling public company, the week also had positive news for Snap:
– It’s still crushing the teen demographic
– It announced new features for its camera
– It’s still exploring new ways to monetize its product.

It’s not quite time to hit the panic button at Snap HQ, but it will be interesting to see what measures it takes in order to avoid becoming Twitter 2.0.


Facebook crawls web content to improve News Feed

Facebook’s keeping a strenuous pace in its efforts to eliminate spam and ‘fake news’ from News Feed, and its latest move extends its reach to analyzing web page content. Its goal is to keep low-quality and spammy pages out of users’ feeds. The company reviewed hundreds of thousands of pages in order to develop the AI that will carry out the analysis. Previously, Facebook used similar standards when determining who could advertise on the platform, but this would be the first instance of it crossing to organic posts.

Analyzing web content could have further reaching impacts for users on Facebook, though, potentially backing into other initiatives like following topics or using data collected for other suggestions.


Nugget Boy is now most popular tweet

It seemed like it was inevitable, and now it’s official: Carter Wikerson, just your average high school kid from Reno, now holds the record for the most Retweets on Twitter. Wilkerson’s message to Wendy’s for a year’s worth of free chicken nuggets eclipsed Ellen DeGeneres’ now iconic Oscar Selfie to take the title. Carter’s tweet has not reached the magic 18 million mark laid down by Wendy’s for the free nuggs, but also, that has not stopped others from copycatting.

One thing’s for certain though: Brands should avoid trying to duplicate this feat or capitalizing off it, which will regardless be studied by marketers for years to come. In an extreme example, United Airlines for some reason considered this its chance to re-enter social media conversation. It was quickly roasted on Twitter.


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