People of MRY: Jacqui Brucato

Nine years ago, Facebook had just celebrated adding its 100 millionth user, the iPhone 3G launched, and Jacqui Brucato (née Diaz) started at the Chelsea Market offices of MRY (nee Mr. Youth).

Jacqui came aboard to help build out a burgeoning finance department, in particular heading up accounts payable. It would be her first step in a journey with the company that has thus far lasted nine years, seen her inhabit three very distinct roles in five different offices,and witnessed her get married and start a family.

The energy and culture of MRY initially drew her to the company, and now, in her role in Human Resources, she fosters it directly. Jacqui helps organize MRY’s celebrations, including a 2016 Beach Day, in addition to making sure new and long-standing employees alike both get the support they need.

Having been with the company for nearly a decade, Jacqui says she’s grown to know and care about nearly everyone in the office.

“People make the company,” she says, and there has always been a great cast of characters at MRY. When asked on office moments that stand out in her memory, Jacqui says, “I’ll never forget Slate.”

In between working in HR and her start in finance, Jacqui played a pivotal role in managing the office. Remember those five different offices? She had to oversee several moves in her tenure – times Jacqui says were among the most stressful of her nine years.

In these situations, Jacqui has been known to assemble chairs and desks by hand over the weekend, just to support her colleagues. She also recalls a story of a time the air conditioning went out over a summer holiday weekend:

While everyone enjoyed an extended weekend, the air conditioning malfunctioned in MRY’s Park Avenue office. This would be bad enough, but, due to the heat, the company’s servers also went down. Jacqui received this news while at a barbecue, and dutifully headed right to the scene. In order to help the situation, she bought dozens of fans from a local store and circulated cooler air through the office, saving the day.

While most would agree this was above and beyond, the actions fit in with traits Jacqui says are most noticeable about people: A willingness to get your hands dirty, and doing whatever you can to help your team.

MRY Prom Party, 2010
Jacqui at the MRY Prom Party, 2010

But, while teams and even the industry itself changes quite often in advertising, some things stay the same: the connections made each day at MRY keep things fresh, even almost a decade down the line.

We’re glad Jacqui has been a part of MRY these past nine years – thank you for your service!


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