Snapchat 2.0 Features Open Opportunities for Brands

So why did the fastest growing social network invest $100 million in Bitstrips? Stickers!

Snapchat just released its biggest update since its launch. It was such a big deal, they dedicated an entire Discover story to showcase all the new features to users.

So why stickers? Snapchat has prided itself on being the platform where you can truly be yourself. With Snapchat’s core audience being 13-24, who communicate heavily in emoji, it makes sense the move away from text and more into stickers, GIFs, and video.

Bitstrips also has a huge presence in the Asian market, so this could indicate that Snapchat is trying to take a chunk out of the messenger app market (such as WhatsApp, Kik), which are wildly popular in Asia.

Some of the key new features are the 10-second video, where you can turn yourself into a GIF, and auto advance for Snap stories. Once a user finishes another user’s Snapchat story it will continue to the next user on your list. Users are already seeing an increase in views and the move suggest Snapchat could be developing interstitial ads to sell.

Brands should also pay attention the last two words of the Privacy Policy – “to personalize… services by, among other things, suggesting friends or profile information, or customizing the content we show you, including ads.” Those last two words weren’t there before.

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