Marketers vs. Consumers: an Infographic on 2016 Tech Predictions

What technologies are marketers and consumers most excited about for 2016? As the year kicks off with the Consumer Electronics Show (which we already previewed on SlideShare), we conducted some research to find out. You can see all the details in the infographic below, but here are a few key findings:

1) Marketers buy into a lot of the buzz around what’s hot. Consumers are  more practical. While marketers think consumers drool over smartwatches, consumers are focused more on gaming consoles and tablets.

2) Traditional media is paramount for reaching consumers, according to consumers’ own reports. Marketers think TV barely registers with consumers, but consumers say that’s their top source for getting tech product info.

3) Physical stores still hold a lot of sway. While marketers avoid brick and mortar stores themselves, 55% of consumers prefer to make purchases that way, and physical stores influence another 17% of tech purchases.

Click the image to catch the full report below.




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