The Game of Life: Advertising Edition

New York attracts millions of people every year; the bright lights, the fast pace and the overall energy inspires its inhabitants to dream big, but actually pursuing big dreams is easier said than done. It’s a long and winding road to ultimately achieving what you want, and obstacles will get in your way. A career path is almost like a board game; you continually move forward with small steps, sometimes you get lucky and score big, or sometimes you may have to go back three spaces or go back to start. By breaking it down into specific actionable goals and going through each, one at a time before moving on to the next, you’ll learn a lot along the way to help you reach your ultimate pinnacle. An example advertiser/marketer’s board game could be as follows:

1) Complete internship with experience and self-knowledge that advertising or marketing is for you



2) Finish classes, clubs, and gaining general life knowledge and experience during senior year



3) After a hopefully not-too-agonizing search, land a job


4) Sit silently on calls with a client



5) Speak on said calls with an idea



6) Make difficult creative and business decisions to get the best product out of your team

giphy (13)


7) See your idea in the flesh (on a billboard, tv, online, etc) and freak out



8) Get inspired again to create something for millions of people to see



9) Figure out what makes funny advertisements funny



10) Partner with a client open to funny, outrageous, off the wall ideas



11) Work with celebrity to create something worth laughter (in a good way)

Kim Kardashian


12) Watch that commercial air during Super Bowl Sunday and know that millions of people are watching



13) Get inspired to create something to affect millions of people



14) Figure out what people care about

Dr. Who


15) Round up a team of whip-smart and passionate individuals dedicated to creating something to inspire change



16) Create inspiring content

Lady Gaga inspiration


17) Watch as the campaign makes an impact on the world 








giphy (14)


18) Take two minutes to reflect on success and continue to move forward




Obviously, roadblocks are going to occur. Some can include:

  • Losing the business
  • Switching agencies
  • Switching cities
  • Difference in opinion
  • Funding
  • Family, Friend, Relationship, health
  • Existential crisis of whether what you’re doing is right for you

Any, all, and more of these issues can happen to anyone. It’s ok to take a step backwards, skip ahead, hop around the board, or even switch games entirely, but as long as you’re working toward your goals, even as small as speaking on a call, you won’t lose motivation.



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