Social Media Day 2015

In celebration of Social Media Day 2015, MRY was honored to host a panel with Andrew Steinthal, co-founder of The Infatuation, Matthew Myers, Founder and CEO of Tidal LabsMike Perry, an artist and designer, and Ashely Outrageous, Curator of Cool titled “The New Breed of Influencer Marketing.”

With brands relying more and more on influencers to seed their content and brand messaging to new audiences, our moderator Ali DiEmido, Supervisor of Influencer Marketing here at MRY, led the conversation with these top influencers to find out firsthand what they’re looking for when partnering with brands.  We love to summarize things into lists (because who doesn’t love a “listicle?”), so here’s our Top 5 Takeaways for brands to successfully partner with influencers.

  1. Be proactive. Chances are there are influencers out there who love using your product or service already, so search those brand advocates out and see if they’d be interested in partnering with you.
  2. Authenticity is key. If what you’re asking the influencer to do isn’t authentic to the brand that they’ve built, then chances are your partnership won’t be successful. Encourage and support influencers in sharing your brand story with their voice.
  3. Give up creative control. You’re partnering with an influencer in order to tap into their communities, which they built up with their creative. You need to relate to their audience by letting the influencer create the messaging for an authentic look and feel
  4. Don’t shy away from emerging platforms. When you’re working with an influencer on one of these platforms, like Snapchat or Periscope, you have the opportunity to reach new audiences that you may not have been targeting before when using more traditional channels like Twitter or Facebook.
  5. Focus on engagement. Reach is no longer the only KPI to measure how successful your message is resonating with an influencer’s audience. If an influencer’s community is engaging with your branded content, they’ll be more likely to buy what you’re trying to sell them.

Overall, if you’re a brand working with influencers, the key takeaway is letting the influencer be authentic to who they are. Inauthentic content is a red-flag for influencer’s communities and will likely lead to an unsuccessful partnership, and as marketers, we’re here to help you succeed.


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