‘Be Your Own Woman’ and Other Life Lessons from Mom

The saying, “Like mother like daughter,” never rang so true to me until turning 30 this year. While I’ve been lucky to have a close relationship with my mom from a young age, I still thought the majority of her lessons and funny bits of advice were just that – silly anecdotes that had me rolling my eyes as a teen.

But as my twenty-something days came to an end, I found myself quoting her when giving advice to mentees and even realized I was starting to sound like her from time to time when gossiping with girlfriends. While most women dread turning into their mother, I’m proud to have finally figured out that my mother is actually, “always right.”

MareBare Sarah Sami

In honor of Mother’s Day, here are five life lessons from my mom that I have carried with me throughout my career:

Be Your Own Woman. One of the most valuable lessons my mother has instilled in me and my sister is to stand up for what we believe in. By “being your own woman” you’re empowered to pursue your passions and be your unique self without worrying about what other people may think. The confidence she instilled in us from a young age gave us the guts to stand up on numerous stages belting out audition songs as a kid, but has more importantly stayed with us to support career successes.

Kill Them With Kindness. Even during the most frustrating times, be kind and polite when delivering your opinion. Maintaining healthy, positive relationships with others has always been important to my mom. You never know who you will run into again in the future or in what capacity, so you’ll want to be remembered as someone who is easy to work with – and has a smile on their face.

It’s Okay to Say ‘No.’ While my mom is one of the most selfless people I have ever known, she has learned the importance of taking time for herself. Time to work out, time to sleep and time to de-stress. After years of saying “yes” to anything and everything that was asked of her at work or from friends, she realized sometimes it’s healthier to put your own needs first and just say ‘no.’ Being selfish with your time can help you to focus, and, ultimately experience more success.

You’ll Never Find a Better Roommate than Your Mother. If you have ever lived in New York City you’ve probably experienced the dreaded Craigslist roommate search. Sure, you could end up with a complete psycho sleeping in the room next to you, or you just might find your best friend. Luckily, I met one of my dearest friends via Craigslist back in 2007, but even your best gal pals can’t compare to how your mother spoils you when she visits. Who else would do your laundry, put home cooked meals in your freezer or rub your back when you’re under the weather? You’ll really never find another roommate like your mother, so appreciate and thank her for all she does.

You’ll Understand When You’re A Mother. I can’t say I’ve officially learned this lesson just yet, but when my mom worries about my whereabouts or FaceTimes to make sure I ate dinner, I do appreciate that she’s just bugging me out of love. And yes, when I’m a mother one day, I’m sure it will all come full circle.

To my mom, and all the MRY moms out there – thank you for your loving life lessons. Happy Mother’s Day!


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