Pinterest: The Final Frontier for Dudes

Equipped with his five senses, one man explores the universe around him and calls the adventure Science.”

It took a while. But it’s happening: Pinterest’s once predominately female society is experiencing an influx of outsiders. It started slowly. You had to look closely to spot them amongst the jelly jar wildflower bouquets and cupcakes shaped like bunnies, but they were there—habanero meatloaves, megalodons and otherwise normal-looking objects that had been repurposed to conceal beer and/or switchblades. Now you can’t throw a rock without hitting a thousand boards dedicated to things wrapped in (or made of) bacon. It seems the outsiders are becoming less afraid of the unknown; more of them are merrily making their presence known. And just like that—like the Wild West, deep space and the polar North before it—the elegant, ethereal landscape of Pinterest is being forever changed. By dudes.

It seemed, for a while at least, that guys were just hard-wired to avoid the platform; maybe not with the same concerted effort they would use to avoid a plague, but kind of how they just instinctually seem to steer clear of pinot grigio, brunches and movie adaptations of Nicholas Sparks books.

Now before brands like Old Spice, Harley Davidson and Jack Daniels start the full-court Pinterest press, let’s remember: females still make up close to three-quarters of Pinterest’s 70+ million loyalists. But a recent comScore report says male users have increased over 70% in 2014 alone. Maybe not huge in the grand scheme of things, but like a neon beer sign in a room filled with decorative throw pillows and wicker, it’s a start. Enough of a start in fact, that Pinterest has given its search functionality an overhaul to help maximize usefulness for male users.

Earlier this year, Pinterest began filtering search results based on gender. So, if you’re one of the many new male “pinners” out there and you’re searching for, say, “watches,” you can be fairly certain delicate little timepieces with thin, rose gold bands will be absent from your results. Unless you’re searching for a gift. In that case you can just toggle this new “guided search” feature off and broaden your search to include more female-appropriate stuff.

Whether or not all this leads to a more equal split between male and female users is debatable. What’s not is that, while they’re still thoroughly surrounded by cat fashion, knitting and drink recipes for elderflower liqueur, men have steadily begun making themselves at home—one habanero meatloaf at a time. Sorry in advance.


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