Facebook f8 reveals – the MRY Mash-Up

The social stalwart, big data daddy and all-around behemoth Facebook dropped some new knowledge at f8. But what’s news and what’s fluff?

The biggies:

Messenger – For GIFs and for Business

When Facebook dismembered Messenger from its main, eponymous app, the outcry was near-universal: “Why?”

This week, we found out the answer to that question.

Facebook has set up its Messenger app – which it touted boasts over 600m monthly users – as a playpen for developers, deploying an SDK for integration and experimentation. The demos from the f8 keynote centered on two areas:

  1. App integration
    In the “Messenger Platform” demo, we walked through the process of adding rich content – gifs mainly, but through different apps – direct to conversations in Messenger.
  2. Customer Service for Businesses
    The Big Zuck explained that people still default to calling businesses for information or requests, but it would be helpful to message them instead, for things like making reservations, changing orders, etc.

How can brands get involved?

For app integration, brands will have two immediate choices – 1. see how the SDK can be integrated with current branded apps or propose new ones. 2. Develop or monitor branded content on partner platforms (“what’s your giphy strategy?”).

For Customer Service, this could be massive if enacted right. Currently, there’s usually a disconnect between social media channels, where users interact with brands, and where they actually make purchases – websites and apps. Bridging the gap could be a goldmine, plus offer a better experience for shoppers.

News or Nah?

Pretty big news, especially considering the Consumer Relations aspect of it.

The Internet of Things comes to Facebook through Parse

The Internet of Things has been a buzzy phrase for a number of years, but Facebook’s not been a big player in pushing it forward. At least not to the caliber of Google or Apple.

Parse, which provides the frame of an app for developers to build off, will now facilitate Facebook’s entry into the Internet of Things arena. How? Parse for IoT will provide SDKs for developers to build Internet of Things projects, likely providing some standardization as well.

In this, Facebook promotes itself to be at the core of new Internet of Things projects.

How can brands get involved?

Parse for IoT could lower the barrier for entry for Internet of Things projects, meaning cash-strapped but tech-keen companies might enter the arena with the help of Zuckerberg & Co.

News or Nah?

Though perhaps the most esoteric topic in the keynote for laymen, this could end up being, if not the biggest revelation, the start of something huge.

Quick Thoughts: 

Embeddable videos

Facebook’s making a big strike against YouTube with embeddable videos. They made a point to mention the reach and impact of video on Facebook, something that might actually make this strike pretty effective.

Commenting changes

Facebook’s planning to sync comments between articles on a publisher’s site and posts direct to their Facebook pages. Also, they plan to make comments pop up in real-time. Hopefully, it’s not distracting (it could be pretty distracting).


The Facebook owned LiveRail expands to include targeting through Facebook’s Audience Network, plus now encompasses mobile display ads. Better targeting is always good news for marketers.

App Analytics

Facebook mentioned analytics reporting for apps, which should provide great insights about behaviors, but also demographics of users. In addition, the analytics tracks across devices. Given they’re on desktops and integrated into many website – the question remaining is whether f8 2015 might reveal a Facebook web analytics solution.


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