I survived SXSW…I have pictures to prove it…

Welcome to SXSW as seen through my lens:












At SXSW this year, MRY hosted 2 massive parties. Each were headlined by Busta Rhymes and NAS (respectively) and each night was memorable for a variety of reasons.

Steezy2 Steezy3





Busta Rhymes help launch our CEO Matt Britton’s book, #YouthNation, and completely rocked the crowd. He was up close and personal with everyone: from VIP to those on the dance floor. He knew exactly what we all wanted to hear, even when we didn’t know what we wanted. With the music bumping, we danced all night. The next night, NAS created an experience that would be remembered forever by those who attended.

Steezy4 Steezy5






When we were done with the parties, our team was given the freedom to explore and experience SXSW. The first few things I really wanted to try in transition from session to session was riding a Pedicab and renting a bike. The most exciting of the two was weaving around the city of Austin on a bicycle.

PLEASE NOTE: I recommend getting familiar with the streets of downtown Austin so that you don’t have to fully rely on Google Maps to navigate while on pedaling a moving vehicle.

Steezy6 Steezy7








While riding through the city, going from session to session, I caught glimpses of some interesting locals and attendees. I spoke with a man covered in a reflective full body suit that seemed to not be sweating profusely and spotted a Waldo in a crowd of people (extra points if you can spot him above).

Steezy9 Steezy10






Now where does everyone congregate otherwise? 6th street has always been THE spot to check out along with well-known houses/brunches, like the Spotify House. From street performers and local bands to artists like Run the Jewels and Misterwives, locals and attendees flock to connect at surrounding events.

These were some of my favorite photos that capture a part of the SXSW Experience. Wish you were there, and hope to see you next year!



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