What my first #SXSWi looks like

Later today, I will land in the beautiful city of Austin, TX. Not only to attend the many seminars and panels, but also to capture the experience that is #SXSWi.

Since it’s my first time at #SXSWi, I’ve prepared by creating a list of seminars/parties to check out, cleared all of my memory-cards, charged extra camera batteries, rewarded myself with a new camera lens and bought some summer clothing (it’s freezing in New York City).

What will I take pictures of?

I’m going to showcase key moments of SXSW as seen through my eyes. The panels, the lines to get into events, beautiful people, the city of Austin and of the things I’ve learned during the festival.

There are some things I’m really excited to see at SXSW. I’m all about the collaboration between Tech and Art: Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and 3D Printing are going to be trending topics at SXSW as companies begin to incorporate them into their businesses and enhance consumer experiences.

I’ve recently had the chance to check out Virtual Reality first-hand, and it is freaking awesome! This is another advancement that I think will change journalism and how video content is viewed. I’m really looking forward to hearing from panelists on the future of virtual reality in terms of brand and entertainment applications.

3D Printing is another real game-changer. The sessions I plan to attend really touch on how businesses are investing into 3D printers to design and manufacture new products and really testing their limits. If you can’t beat them, join em!

One specific panel that I’m really interested in is the ‘Body Informed 3D Printing’ session because of how sales and marketing strategies come into play for this new potential fashion trend.

The more I talk about SXSW, the more excited I get. If you want to meet up or keep up with the updates, shoot me a tweet @SteveLikeJobs.


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