Month: March 2015

Building Your Personal Brand in YouthNation

Whether you are trying to influence a potential employer, a college admissions officer, or an editor from a key industry publication, your ability to build and strengthen your “personal brand” is the surest way to get noticed. The truth is we all shop like mom does at Wal-Mart: we buy the brands we know. Just like we will always trust throwing Tide or Diet Coke into the shopping cart, we will always trust hiring someone we have heard of – a familiar name or face that feels safe, trustworthy, and like a “known entity.”

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Wearables and Tech at SXSW

The technology within cameras has improved dramatically in the last 3-5 years. Today, photographers are able to capture content that wasn’t event imaginable a few years ago. With the innovation of the camera and the advancements in technology and mobile applications, marketers and brands are now able to improve how they tell stories through photographs.

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