Amazon Prime Now

Topic submitted by: Janet Kim

The Amazon Prime feature is a favorite for fast deliveries and streaming video, among other perks. But now, Amazon is bringing even faster deliveries to lucky Manhattanites. A new app from Amazon, called Amazon Prime Now, allows members to receive free two-hour delivery from 6am – 12am for a wide variety of products (including TVs!). If you need your Swiffer Wet Jet or Oprah’s Book Club recco even faster, one-hour delivery is available – just at a cost of $7.99.


In a city where you can have anything delivered, it’s a welcome addition to Amazon’s current offerings. It’s like Seamless but for household goods.

Win, fail, fiasco? Win, because we can get our paper towels fast AND stay inside, nice and cozy.

Ad Blockers gettin’ blocked

Topic submitted by: Andrew Fingerman

When you flip on network TV, you see commercials. Flip open a newspaper, you see print ads. Watch a YouTube video, see pre-roll video ads. Everyone should get free/cheap content if they are subjected to ads, right?

WRONG! At least, that’s what popular ad blockers are out to prove. It’s a simple plug-in for your browser so you can consume content, ad-free!

BUT WAIT! There’s a new kid on the ad-block. New York-based tech company Secret Media. Instead of blocking ads, Secret Media blocks ad blockers. It’s an interesting cycle: A consumer goes to YouTube, decides that he/she doesn’t want to see those pesky pre-roll videos. Consumer downloads ad-blocking software and blissfully watches YouTube videos without ads. Then big bad Secret Media comes along, and takes away the ad-blocking software functionality. Consumer is back to square one with ads.

Win, fail, fiasco? Inception.

Facebook Influencer Marketing

Topic submitted by: Will Ryan

Facebook patented targeting to ‘important people’ through advertising on the social platform. But what does a VIP mean in this situation? Basically, Facebook shifted strategy from targeting influencers defined by how many followers they have to those whose followers shared the content.

Depending on the target audience goal, those with smaller follower counts could be an influencer on a specific topic and have greater reach in terms of shareable content, instead of those with large amounts of followers.

Win, Fail or Fiasco? Win – it could have a larger impact on ad buys and a greater impact on Facebook targeting.

Are you Tastemade?

Topic submitted by: Evan Watkins

A new visual storytelling social network makes it incredibly easy to shoot and package videos in the platform. Tastemade helps users discover new restaurants or other travel-related things. It is an emerging channel with over 1,000 influencers.


The nitty gritty: The app gives prompts so you know how long you have to shoot a specific scene. The font you choose determines what music accompanies the video. The videos can be shared outside of the platform, but the app encourages users to engage with videos and discover friends’ content within the Tastemade environment.

Win, Fail or Fiasco? Win for a new visual platform dedicated to showcasing venues. Perhaps a partnership with Yelp is the logical next step…


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